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Flavour Drops - Vanilla

Flavour Drops - Vanilla

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Diet is hard, especially when you have to give up on sugar and spices! But that does not mean your meals or protein shakes should be boring. We have specially created NutraBox Flavour Drops which will make your meal super exciting.

Add delicious flavour to your unflavoured protein shake or diet food with NutraBox Flavour Drops. It comes with zero sugar formula, so no more calories.

Intake Guide

  • In food/beverages: Use 10-15 drops of NutraBox Flavour Drops to your desired food or beverages. Adjust the serving size as per taste requirements.
  • In Protein shakes or Milky Products: Use 6-10 drops of NutraBox Flavour drops in 200ml shake of milky products (whey, casein etc.) flavouring and 15-25 drops in 200ml shake of plant protein flavouring.

Best Time to Use

  • You can use NutraBox flavour drops ANYTIME of the day!
  • It can give flavour to a variety of foods, drinks and supplements whenever and wherever you want.
  • They are easy to carry anywhere.