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  • Checks Label Accuracy

  • Checks Banned Substances

  • Tests for selected doping substances

  • Checks Contamination

  • Tested for amino acid profile, heavy metals & label accuracy


The Founder Nihar Desai's Fitness Journey

I have dedicated the last decade of my life to fitness. I have seen and experienced my own transformation after a rigorous study of food and nutrition. My FAT-TO-FIT journey is what inspired me to kick-start an everyday nutrition brand- NutraBox. NutraBox is not only my brain child but I have always treated it as a medium via which I can spread good nutrition country-wide. My being over weight in my 20's was a wake up call to shift to healthy living. At a very early age I was headstrong to bring about a revolution, not just in my nutritional intake, but for others as well. NutraBox is serving its purpose but the journey is relatively newer. My vision is to inspire people to shift to a healthy lifestyle and remove the shortcuts out, when the goal is to achieve the desired physique.


Coming Into Existence

NutraBox is the brain child of fitness enthusiasts coming together to formulate a product suitable to Indian physique. A fitness booster that is not expensive as international brands but equally effective. With over two decades of background in formulations and testing collaborations with actual athletes and fitness enthusiasts, the result was NutraBox, a product that provides your body with exactly what it needs to achieve fitness goals.


The Nutra-Trust Factor

At NutraBox, we don't believe in compromising when it comes to your nutrition. When we create & launch any product, we always make sure it is well tested, certified & even tried by real athletes so that we can provide the best quality products. All our products are certified & authenticated at every stage of the producing. Every NutraBox product is delivered from the headquarters.
We are India’s one of the few brands which has been certified by Labdoor, Informed Choice, Clean Label Project & cologne list. Our Classic NutraBox 100% Whey Protein flavoured is India's 1st complete certified protein. Our nutrition scientists believe in providing the prime quality.

The assurance of quality

We only sell our products on our official website and mobile app. Every NutraBox product is delivered from the headquarters to you. There’s no one who can tamper in the middle!

All NutraBox products are certified by national and international health care bodies.