Top Influencers of NutraBox – What’s Your Junoon?
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Top Influencers of NutraBox – What’s Your Junoon?

NutraBox’s new addition to the RAW squad, are the fitness enthusiasts of the highest ranks! In fitness journey, know why they chose NutraBox RAW as their companion!

Find out here how NutraBox was a fulfilling experience for them, without a doubt!

Aditya Seal

“The key to living a FIT & HEALTHY life is to have right focus, commitment and balanced diet and right supplements. To achieve this, I always choose the best! I choose RAW WHEY by NutraBox, which is one of the best in India!”

Gurmeet Choudhary

“BE A CHAMPION, BE A WARRIOR" - that's my Fitness mantra, my junoon, 
My Junoon is to never quit,
My Junoon is to rise above the average, 
and make that impossible the possible!

A fit body is not achieved only by workout, it's the hard work, dedication, commitment, and the right supplements, and I trust NutraBox for my Daily Supplement needs, 100% AUTHENTIC.” 

Kishwer Merchant

“Staying in shape and creating a healthier lifestyle are some of my top priorities, and to achieve it, your JUNOON needs to Bigger than your Excuses, and the right Nutrition and Supplements, for which I trust NutraBox , for my daily supplement needs.


When you want it badly enough; the inconvenience of the hard work, the late nights, early mornings, sweat, tears, exhaustion, lack of ‘free-time’ will NOT matter. Get clear on your ‘EXCUSES', When you know exactly what you want, you become unstoppable.” 

Pearl V Puri

“Jo aaine me mujhse nazrein milake baat karta hai,
Jisse mera harr excuse maat khata hai,
Jo auron ko paagalpan nazar aata hai, 
Par sirf meri samajh me aata hai, vo mera junoon hai

Be it life or workouts, to succeed & achieve your goals,your dreams, you need "JUNOON"

For me FITNESS has been my Junoon since more than a decade, not only does it keep me fit but it gets me more focused to achieve my dreams, & NutraBox is my partner in this journey of junoon, if takes care of my daily nutrition needs, with top notch ingredients & quality.” 

Gaurav Wadhwa

“Junoon to me is to achieve the impossible! Those extra 5 counts of every set! This 2019 I have decided to make my junoon my passion! For me my Fitness is my Junoon. To make my junoon a reality, I trust NutraBox for my Fitness Supplements!” 

Karishma Tanna

“I can now live my passion every day without having to worry about my daily nutrition needs with NutraBox! It provides me with the required nutrition supplements consisting of wholesome nutritions results with the purest and the highest yielding ingredients so that I can completely focus only on making a leaner and fitter body. It perfectly suits my routine, requirements and workout strategies. Thank you Nutrabox for helping me live my junoon without any barriers in the way!”

Let nothing hold you back from pursuing your Junoon! What’s your Junoon? Let us know in the comment section!

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