How Much Protein do you need To Build Muscle? | Your Ultimate Fitness Guide
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How Much Protein do you need To Build Muscle? | Your Ultimate Fitness Guide

We all are much aware that when we start our fitness journey Workout and Diet go hand in hand, but we often forget to focus on the diet while muscle building. Therefore when it comes to muscle building, along with workout or gym, your diet, particularly your protein intake is a very vital factor.

During normal life, you need protein for bodybuilding. You need 1.5 to 2.5 grams of protein intake per kilogram of your total body weight in your daily diet to push the muscle-building protein.

It is not always easy to fulfill your protein need by only food, therefore our Nutrabox 100% whey protein powder for muscle gain helps cope with the protein needs. Before starting calculating the amount of protein needed for bodybuilding, it becomes very important to understand what protein is and how it helps, read on to learn more about protein for bodybuilding intake.

What exactly protein is?

In the human body, there are 3 important macronutrients - Fat, Carbs, and Protein. Protein is made from amino acids and each gram of protein yields 4 calories. We can get protein from both plant and animal sources. 

Dairy products, Eggs, Almonds, Oats, meat, beans, broccoli, and peas are some of the food which contains the highest source of protein. In the market, there are many available protein supplements that help in muscle gain.

How does protein help for bodybuilding and muscle growth?

Many body parts are made up of protein such as bones, skin, muscles, etc. The bodybuilding process can be influenced by the amount of protein we consume in the diet.

When we exercise the muscles start making tiny tears and create injury, taking sufficient protein helps in repairing and rebuilding muscle mass. NutraBox 100% whey protein is the best protein powder for muscle gain and to repair and rebuild the muscle post-workout. It is also one of the best protein powders available for muscle gain available in the market because it gives 24 grams of pure protein per serving which looks after your body’s protein needs.

How do know the exact amount of protein needed?

We get a lot of questions about how do we exactly know that how much protein is needed for bodybuilding, so here is how you can calculate your protein requirements for muscle mass.

The amount of protein that the human body requires daily is dependent on many conditions such as overall energy intake, growth of the individual, and physical activity level. The easiest way is the grams per kilogram calculation using the below information:

The simple rule is that you can calculate by multiplying your body weight by 0.8 grams and the answer is the amount of protein your body needs.

There is serval High on protein foods to help you build muscles like meats, fish, nuts & seeds, eggs, dairy products, and soy products. Apart from these the easy way for protein for bodybuilding is also to consume the whey protein available in the market.

How NutraBox whey protein helps you build muscle?

NutraBox 100% whey protein is one of the best protein powders for muscle gain available in the Indian market. It has been ranked as the world’s number one protein powder by the labdoor USA. 

Nutrabox 100% whey protein powder gives 24 grams of protein per serving, which takes care of your protein need for muscle building. Nutrabox 100% whey protein is best for muscle gain because it also has added benefits of DHA and MCTs. It completes your diet by justifying the protein intake and delivering protein to the muscles to give them the desired bulk. 

Nutrabox 100% whey protein - the protein for bodybuilding can be consumed once in the morning to kickstart the metabolism and once post-workout to repair and rebuild the muscle. When we consume protein from natural sources it becomes very difficult to monitor as too much protein can be harmful over time but when you are consuming the protein powder for muscle gain you exactly know how much you are taking and Nutrabox 100% whey protein has been tested for its accuracy values by Labdoor USA.

Takeaway Message

Protein is one of the key nutrients for the body found in many of our natural foods and available in form of supplements in the market. Protein is also important for bodybuilding and to repair and regrow the muscles.

Following a diet that includes high-quality protein or consuming the best protein powder for muscle gain is an important part of bodybuilding and achieving muscle-building goals.

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