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Best Mass & Weight Gainer Supplements in India

In today’s world where fitness has become a lifestyle, most people aim at losing weight but others wish to gain weight, often they want to look more muscular and feel more presentable or to improve self-confidence or athletic performance.

Regardless of the motive to gain weight, the most critical part of gaining mass & bodyweight is consuming more and more calories than you burn on a daily workout basis.

Gaining mass does not only mean you eat a lot of junk and high-fat food but it means that you should eat proper food and develop a caloric surplus diet, but some people struggle to eat enough to gain the desired weight or body mass, no matter how much they try they just cannot eat enough and there are other people too who eats a lot but cannot gain. However, the solution to this problem is the mass gainer supplements, they are very effective way to increase your calorie intake along with necessary proteins and they come in powder form so it is easy to consume them like milkshakes.

What is Mass gainer?

A mass gainer is a weight gainer supplement. Mass gainer helps people get the extra calories they need to build muscle. Muscle mass gainer protein powder is different from the pure protein supplements like flavoured Whey protein, Raw protein, Plant protein or protein plus. In mass gainer supplements there is a combination of protein with carbohydrate and fat to create a high calorie and protein rich supplement. It is often used by those who need bulk or want to gain muscle mass & body weight as it is an easy way of increasing calorie intake.

But do you know even if you are taking a mass gainer, there is no assurance that you will increase the weight/muscle mass or not? For that, you need a good-quality mass gainer.

Therefore we have the best mass gainer protein powder of 2020 - The Nutrabox’s NutraMass gainer.

Nutrabox’s NutraMass Gainer

NutraMass Gainer provides you with 27 grams proteins and 113 grams of simple and complex carbs in a 1:4 ratio to sustain your energy levels and perfectly balance your diet, which makes Nutrabox’s NutraMass gainer the best protein powder for a mass gainer. The added minerals and vitamins in it provide you the energy to perform better. It helps you to focus better on your gain goals and outperform yourself every day! It is fortified with digestive enzymes that fuel the absorption of nutrients. 

NutraMass gainer is perfect for high-energy workouts, it is the best mass gainer that provides all required amino acids and maximizes muscle growth. Compared to other Mass Gainers that are rich in sugar and full of fat, NutraBox's MassGainer which contains only 5 grams of sugar and carbs in its every serving.

It is one of the best bodybuilding supplements available in India. Nutrabox offers the Mass gainer in 5 delicious flavors, so even when your appetite is less and you cannot eat excess of food than having a delicious NutraMass shake will solve all of your problems of not able to gain the right amount of weight and mass.

Why Nutrabox’s NutraMass Gainer?

The NutraMass gainer from Nutrabox is the best mass gainer protein powder of 2020 because it has all the needed elements which are used in gaining muscle mass and body fat, it not only increases your body mass but it’s essential vitamins and minerals nourishes & balances your body. Also when you intake NutraMass gainer you don’t need any other protein powder as it gives 27G of pure protein per scoop, so it benefits you in both ways - for muscle/body mass gaining and also for bodybuilding. 

The carbs present in Nutrabox’s weight gaining powder are the good carbs that do not bloat your body and gives you proper physic if you do regular exercise along with it. Most importantly what makes Nutrabox’s NutraMass gainer the best mass gainer protein powder in India is that after you have achieved your goal and you stop consuming it, it does not shrink your body or you do not lose your achieved results.

However, Weight gaining or muscle mass gaining is not an easy task, but if you choose the right supplement for it, then it gives you the results faster. Therefore, Choose the best mass gainer protein powder for your gain journey; choose NutraMass. When we compare it to the other mass gainer protein powder’s price in India, the price of Nutrabox’s NutraMass gainer is only Rs. 899/- which makes it very affordable and it is also made, tried and tested in India so the quality is excellent. Thus, it is a must buy if you are aiming to gain weight or muscle mass.

The best mass gainer protein powder price in India is just Rs. 899/- and it is our bestseller.

You can buy it from Nutrabox website, Amazon and HealthXP

Try today and see results yourself!

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