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NutraBox's best Bodybuilding Supplements in India with price

Using the right supplements, can help you to make sure that you are doing right to gain muscle mass. undoubtedly, you can add muscle simply by eating right and lifting weights, but to maximise your growth, right supplements are required. Indian market is flooded with so many supplements that it becomes difficult to choose. So here we are giving you information about the best supplements for bodybuilding in India with price which actually works.

Best Bodybuilding supplements in India

1. Whey Protein: (Best post workout supplement)

The Best bodybuilding supplement in India according to us is Whey protein.

Whey Protein is the most important bodybuilding supplement to consume, with essential benefits for regular gym or sports enthusiast. Whey protein is formulated with pure whey protein isolated and concentrates. It benefits your body in many ways.

It completes your diet by justifying the protein intake and delivering proteins to the muscles to give them bulk. For anyone who is looking forward to build muscle, whey protein is a required supplement. It is fast and easy to digest.

How to choose Whey Protein & when to consume?

Look for a whey protein that contains around 25-35 grams of Whey per serving for a post or pre workout drink. It should be consumed either before workout or after a workout when the body is active building new muscles, however we recommend to have it post-workout.

Why Nutrabox Raw whey is best supplement for bodybuilding?

There are many whey protein out there in market but we would recommend NutraBox Raw Whey protein.

NutraBox’s Raw whey is made up of 100% pure whey and it gives 24G pure whey protein per serving. The 0 sugar formulation and a rich amino acid profile helps build a leaner muscle mass.


500 GM Raw whey - Rs. 769/-

1 KG Raw whey - Rs. 1249/-


2. Branch-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA): (Best Intra workout supplements)

BCAAs are very much beneficial for weight lifting and body building. The second recommendation in best body building supplements in India is BCAA. 

There are three types of BCAAs to help during exercise i.e. leucine, isoleucine and valine. BCAA helps you to increase muscle synthesis, and improves endurance. When taken during workout it also gives you required energy and helps you to reduce soreness.

How to choose BCAA & When to consume?

When you are shopping for BCAA you have to make sure that there are 7 to 10 grams of fermented BCAA and the ratio of leucine, Isoleucine and valine should be 2:1:1. The ideal time to consume BCAA is during workout.

Why Nutrabox Ripped BCAA is best supplement for bodybuilding?

Nutrabox Ripped BCAA comes in 6 flavours with 7G of pure fermented BCAAs in a single serving and clinically researched ration os 2:1:1. The 500mg of Taurine promotes cardiovascular health. Faster muscle fatigue dissolution allows you to go that extra mile to achieve your fitness goals.


Ripped BCAA - Rs. 1,299/-


3. Pre-Workout: (Best pre workout supplement)

Pre workout is a workout supplement which boosts your workout performance. When you are a regular workout enthusiast Pre work is the best pre workout supplement in India.

There has been many studies on how caffeine helps you boost the performance for endurance and high intensity exercises and training. Caffeine formulation in pre workout gives you a super charge so that you begin the workout at your peak and be there till it ends.

How to choose Pre-Workout & When to consume?

In the pre workout which you choose should have perfect dosage of caffeine, beta alanine, lactic acid, citruline malate and L-Arginine. As the name suggest the pre workout supplement should be consumed before workout.

Why Nutrabox Ripped Pre-workout is best supplement for bodybuilding?

We recommend Nutrabox Ripped pre-workout because it comes with 300mg caffeine per serving and 1500mg creatine monohydrate, it helps to improve workout intensity and mental focus. It also plays a major role to reduce lactic acid during the workout, which allows you to endure more in game. It also comes in 2 refreshing flavours with 0 sugar added.


Ripped Pre workout - Rs. 999/-

4. Beginners Protein: (Best supplement for beginners)

Beginners protein becomes inevitable when you are in the initial stage of body building. It takes care of the protein needs of the body. The beginners protein helps you to build the muscle mass at the beginner’s level. The vitamins and minerals helps the body fulfil its nutritional needs as well.

If your beginning the fitness journey then we would recommend you to opt for the beginners protein.

How to choose Beginners protein & When to consume?

When you are choosing a beginners workout you have to make sure that the protein sources are fast and steady digesting proteins. The beginners protein should be consumed before or after the workout. It is ideal for people who have just begin with their workout journey.

Why NutraBox Protein Plus is best supplement for bodybuilding?

The best supplement for beginners is Nutrabox protein plus. The NutraBox protein plus has blend of 4 premium proteins.

  1. Whey
  2. Casein
  3. Pea
  4. Soy

It contains 36g of proteins per 100g and 15.5g of essential amino acids that help you regulate a smooth protein building process. The amino acid and digestive enzyme rich profile help accelerate the body building process.


NutraBox Protein plus - Rs. 699/-


This is the little research about how some supplements help you with your workout. If you are still in doubt, ask your dietitian what is best for you. With great efforts at gym, a proper diet and with best bodybuilding supplements in India will definitely add up in your bodybuilding.

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