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Science and your body

BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) are commonly used pre-workout or intra-workout to give your muscle growth a boost. They help in making your workout last longer and reduce muscle stress and soreness thus giving you a boost to perform more.

The formula that
rips it down

Leucine, IsoLeucine and Valine are the three amino acids (building blocks of protein) that are branched chained amino acids because of their molecular structure. Ripped BCAA uses them in the formulation of 2:1:1 that’s clinically tested to provide the best results.

Unique formulation
Helps in a swift delivery of proteins to muscles
Accelerated muscle growth
Faster muscle fatigue dissolution

The ‘Let It Rip!’ Formulation

While other BCAA's are processed using harsh chemicals, Nutrabox Uses natural fermentation process to extract BCAA from its vegan sources. Clean & pure.
High BCAA content
Sugar free and vegan


Ripped BCAA comes in two exotic flavors to make your workout tastier.


Black Currant Blast

An explosion of sweet and sour berries

Tangy Orange

A citric swirl for your taste buds
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