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The Gain Game

A Mass Gainer plays a very important for a perfectly toned body and physique. It acts an accelerator for balanced muscle growth as it has high protein content.

While Whey Protein acts as a protein provider, the Mass Gainer is what helps in the balanced delivery of protein to your muscles. It helps increase your mass in such a way that your body gets the nutrition that it needs without putting on flab.

Quality that makes
us the best

All in all NutraMass is your best choice for when gaining, toning and achieving a ripped body is your ultimate goal. Here’s why:

Made of pure whey protein isolates and concentrates
Enriched with vitamins and minerals
Digestive enzymes help with the better absorption

Gain Game Strategy

27 grams of pure protein
Low sugar content of 5gm
108 grams of complex carbs


NutraMass Mass Gainer comes in two rich flavours that make your gain game stronger and tastier.

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Swiss Chocolate

A flavor from the home of chocolate
vanilla_flavour best bcaa supplement india

Rich Vanilla Cream

A classic since the golden ages

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