NutraBox is the brain child of fitness enthusiasts coming together to formulate a product that is suitable to Indian physique which is not as expensive as international brands but as effective. With two decades of background in formulations and testing collaborations with actual athletes and fitness enthusiasts, the result was NutraBox, a product that provides your body with exactly what it needs to achieve your body goals.


At NutraBox, we envision our product to be a part of daily nutritional intake of every Indian that aims to have a fit and toned body, no matter what their workout scenario. Our products are designed according the requirements of an Indian body and hence we guarantee amazing results.

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The NutraBox way

NutraBox is a unique blend of pure Whey Protein Isolates and Concentrates. We obtain our ingredients from the best sources only. We never compromise with ingredient authenticity. Our genuine ingredients and perfect ratios are what guarantee results. The stages of production for every NutraBox product are carried out with utmost precision.

Symbol of Quality

NutraBox has no distributors. Every product is directly shipped from the headquarters to the end customer.
We have no distributor channels or retail channels.

All NutraBox products are certified by national and international health care bodies.