Top 5 muscle building foods that certainly work wonders

muscle building foods

Muscle building is a process that demands a lot of consideration in terms of diet and exercises. It is the food that helps you build muscles whereas the workouts give your muscles strength. But if you want to flaunt your muscle building, you need to add a twist to your diet plan in order to reduce the fat layers of your body. Here are 5 such super foods that help you in muscle building and reducing body fat at the same time. Have a read!

5 muscle building foods that burn fat:

1.Green tea

Many studies have shown that green tea is a super food which helps boost the metabolism. It increases energy expenditure in the body. Green tea extracts increase metabolic rate by around 4-5% over a period of 24 hours. This might be because of the rich concentration of Catechin Polyphenols in green tea. If you include this to your everyday diet plan, it may help your body exaggerate the levels of fat burning.

2.Whey protein

Whey protein is one of the best muscle building supplements. Whey is rich in proteins and provides a significant amount of calories; it is good to consume it over a carbohydrate rich diet. The reason is that high-carb food can accumulate fat in body parts which is afterwards difficult to get rid of. Peak areas are belly, abdomen, thighs and upper arms. Moreover if you think that whey protein powder is a weight gainer supplement, you are mistaken. On the contrary, it is rich in high-proteins and antioxidants that work wonders in reducing the body fat while giving strength to your muscles.

3.Milk milk!

From our childhood, we have been taught that milk is a whole protein and should be consumed on a daily basis. Yes, it is the best source of protein and calcium. If you are lacking calcium, it can lead to release of calcitriol which is a hormone responsible for fat storing. Plus, calcium deficiency often results in weak metabolism. So again, fat buildup! So it’s better to take this super food for muscle building. Opt for low-fat milk or milk products such as yogurt and cheese but not in high proportion, remember it!

4.Chilled water

Drinking much water is okay but chilled? Oh yes! Research shows that a human body needs to burn a few calories in order to heat up the temperature of this cold water and bring it to the body temperature. So you should develop a habit of drinking cold water every day. Of course just a glass or two of cold water is not going to make much difference. But a habit of consuming it on a daily basis can lead to lose body fat considerably. Surprised?


Eggs are the best muscle mass gainer if you are a non-vegetarian. They are a nutrient-rich package, best for muscle building and that also, in less than 80 calories. Together with this, they are best when you wish to shred your body fat while not compromising with the muscle building. In a fewer calories, eggs provide you a nutritional and protein-rich meal. A good thing to note here is that having a habit of daily consuming eggs results into lowered food intake.

These muscle building foods are wonderful and can do wonders if you include them to your diet routine. If you want to get more such tips for healthy muscle building, keep watching out our muscle building bogs.