Do you think whey protein powder is unsafe? Read this urgently.

whey protein powder

“Oh god! Do you take whey protein powder every day? Dude, it’s not safe! It’s artificial and you should rather stick to the natural proteins.” -Has anyone ever told you this? Then he must be an anti-protein preacher and you need to stay away from him.

Whey is completely natural and is a rich source of proteins. It consists of the most essential proteins required by the human body. The best whey protein is the one that contains rich amount of amino acids. Protein is necessary for your physical and mental development. It increases body strength, immunity, muscle gain as well as loses the significant amount of body fat. It is also a proven component to keep you away from depression, hypertension, HIV, diabetes and more.

We as the world’s No. 1 whey protein brand, bring to you some of the most prevalent myths about whey protein powder and their disproval.

Myth 1: It is not natural.

Absolutely wrong! It is a by-product naturally left out of the cheese-making process. The solids in the milk are pressed to extract cheese and what we get after the process is whey (in liquid form). It is thereafter filtered and purified through the low-heat, spray-dry method and the high-quality protein is derived. So there is no doubt in the fact that whey protein is natural.

Myth 2: Whey protein powder will make you look bulkier.

Many individuals, especially women fear that consuming whey together with hitting the gym will leave them with masculine ripped outcome. Mind it ladies, it’s a myth! Consuming the best whey protein won’t turn you in a veiny female bodybuilder. Rather, it will tone your body muscles and give you a shaped figure you would have always wished for.

Myth 3: It affects kidney and liver.

People think that whey protein powder is high on their liver and kidney. This is not true except you already have any sort of pre-existing liver or kidney problems. Then you need to consult your physician before consuming any kind of supplement. Otherwise, your body will have no issue in consuming high protein. The only thing you can keep in mind is to consume high amount of water.

Myth 4: It deteriorates the bone health.

An acid load surplus has been connected to compromised bone health, resulting into osteoporosis or other bone-density issues. However, there is no evidence of connection between high protein and weakened bone health. On the contrary, there are also cases of having positive effects on bones after consuming it.

Myth 5: It tastes too weird.

Have you ever tasted it? No? Then try once. Apart from being rich in amino acids, Nutrabox’s whey protein powder is the most delicious protein powder in the world. Comes with two yummy flavours- vanilla and chocolate; it can be consumed with milk, juice, any of your routine meal recipes or even with plain water.

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